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Remote Healing Sessions

My life's purpose is to empower you in being and becoming more fully aware of your True Self.


By working with you remotely, we can identify blocks that you are experiencing from trauma, emotions, or ancestral patterns, and clear them.

This is a two-part process.

First, I  hold space for you to become aware of your blocks (created by emotions, trauma, ancestral patterns, etc.) and consciously participate in clearing them.


Once this occurs, it creates more flow for subtle energies to balance Mind (consciousness/perception), Spirit (heart/soul), Will (motivation/purpose), and Body. This assists in expanding your energy field to make room for the energy of Unconditional Love.


During this process, you may find yourself reconnected with Galactic Ancestors, who present a greater awareness of Who You Are and Why You Are Here.

What does a session do for you?


A Q17 session can help you attain an expanded experience of health, happiness, and connection to your Source-Self, Life Purpose & Sovereignty. 


This level of empowerment requires more compassion, kindness, and greater awareness of possibilities as individuals ~ and the world.  Individual results may vary.

Christiane Northrup, MD

"Alice [Buchanan] is a phenomenon. I have experienced her work personally and highly recommend it. Sheer magic"

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