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Where's the Party?

It's Saturday, March 13th. It's a '3' day, numerologically (get out and have some fun!) and a 'leaf' day, biodynamically (drink tea, eat salad, etc.)

Also, it's a New Moon in Pisces. Lena writes,"This new moon provides a great opportunity to open your intuition and work with your imagination, visualizations, personal goals, dreams and inspiration. Take time to nurture yourself with what feeds your body, mind and spirit the most. Sharing your dreams and inspirations with others can also create an energy of support that will nurture those dreams and inspirations."

Moving into the 36th Gene Key also means we're investigating: 'Becoming Human.' (Shadow) Turbulence – (Gift) Humanity – (Siddhi) Compassion. Richard Rudd starts discussing the first stage of a Spiritual Awakening with this Shadow: the Dark Night of the Soul, "which, at the individual level, is fought within the physical battlefield of the body"(p.281). When I read this, it made perfect sense to me (again!) why I place so much emphasis on the aches and pains of the body as 'messengers' of what wants to be addressed for clearing.

Maybe you'll find something surfacing that you want to clear? Tomorrow (Second Sunday) is the Clearing Circle here - at 3:00.

Another reminder of this Siddhi is that: "Compassion is a fragrance given off by our DNA as it activates its highest components" (from the 64 Ways).

Such a fascinating thought to think of frequencies as 'fragrances', huh?

Certainly, it is felt and impacts others energetically.

Today is also Gate 36:Line 2 - Support "Assistance to others in times of decline. Exaltation: The application of imagination to schemes which benefit others. Feelings that can benefit others in times of crisis."

This was the theme of the movie last night, which was based on the true story of two fun-loving clowns, who trick a clumsy magician into thinking he has received High Honors from each country where their traveling Russian Circus performs...

...which, in a beautiful twist ends up in the fulfillment of his dreams!

Perhaps it's time to engage in a little self-serving imagining?

Where's today's party?

What does being fully human mean to me?

How might I engage in something fun & creative today?

How can I activate more imagination?

How might I how I look at things to reflect a more positive view of life?

Am I being compassionate with myself?

What do I love to do - how can I engage in more of it?

Ultimately, when we live fully, we celebrate our humanity, and as Richard states, this creates "a bridge for the higher bodies of humanity to move down into the lower planes and transform them" (Gene Keys p.284)

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