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It's Tuesday, April 6th. It's a '6' day, numerologically (are you making your home a peaceful haven?) and a 'root' day, biodynamically. Tomorrow around 1:00pm, we move into a 'flower' day.

This day has felt jam-packed in an ADHD kind of way; lots of projects happening, overlappingly and simultaneously.

I laughingly told Cortney just now that it never fails: the minute I decide it's safe timewise to tackle a project, everything else wants attention.

So, this morning, when he arrived, I worked with Brandon on the plumbing part of this project. After a quick trip to that orange BIG BOX store (where I was happy to see a few smiling faces without masks!), we came back and dealt with the creative aspect of assembling pipes in this old house.

After he left, I had about an hour to work on stripping the wallpaper. This went pretty quickly with the Paper Tiger (thank you, Dave!).

It was a little bittersweet because I remember how carefully I picked this paper out - with the matching border - about 15 years ago; I spent time carefully measuring, cutting, gluing...and now I'm doing my best to take it off.

Are you finding yourself revisiting choices you've made in the past? Decisions that seemed good at the time that you are now second-guessing?

Really, I am so grateful now that I painted the other rooms!

And as it goes, this all makes sense with today's "Gate 51: Line 3 - Adaptation

Exaltation: The life-sustaining awareness that thinks on its feet and thus creates opportunities. the power of spontaneity in times of challenge."

Who would have thought today’s challenge would be undoing the work of over a decade ago?

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