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It's Monday, July 5th. Numerologically, it's an '8' day (a good day to focus on business and getting things done!) and biodynamically, it's a 'root' day.

This morning I woke at 3:00am with a really sore throat. As a self-responsible, healthy person I was a bit thrown for a loop, because it's been so long since I've felt any kind of physical discomfort.

Of course, it could have everything to do with the large clearings last week, the timeline shift we just had, and/or the fact that we just experienced a period of cold,damp weather...however, I know there is always something more!

From my hypnagogic state, I asked what wanted to come through? What did I need to be aware of? What had I embodied?

Here's what I got:

  • Mind parasites allow for the colonization of parasites within the body, which in turn creates:

  • Distrust of Body (by Heart and Consciousness), and

  • Perpetuating vicious parasitization cycles,

  • Parasitic succession cycles, as well as:

  • Imbalance, overwhelm, and possession of the system

Needless to say, identification of an issues is the most important thing - and it was confirmed for me when Stacie called to mention she had heard about programming used to subliminally influence shopping (consuming) habits during sleep. Apparently people were only listening to these downloads, in order to sleep more soundly.

Seems like the same thing I had gotten, so we cleared together. It's always fascinating to me, to see how frequencies show up in different ways - looking to be addressed!

I took some Ferrum Phos. throughout the day, worked in the breezy sunshine, and continued to thank my body for healing quickly.

Yes, I know I took a hit the other day - and then followed up (in a still vulnerable state) with choices that were not the most empowered, and energetically strong.

That said, I made the use of today's energy: "Gate 39:Line 5 - Single-mindedness The rare ability not to overcome but to bypass obstacles. Exaltation: The imagination to establish new patterns that make the obstacles irrelevant. The imaginative energy to provoke through bypassing obstacles."

Hopefully clearing these issues will make it unnecessary to ever experience physical, mental, spiritual/ethical vulnerabilities again? Alrighty, then! New patterns being established...

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