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It's Tuesday, November 24th. It took a clearing, an Epsom Salts bath, and a full night's sleep to prepare me for the news I received this morning.

Always amazing how I only get information I can assimilate and deal with, as I am ready to hear....

As you know, I have long been a fan of growing (and preserving) my own food. Though it is often not 'perfect' aesthetically, it is organic and provides me with longer telomeres, which means greater health & longer life.

It needs natural light, water, soil...all of the elements to grow, which I trust it will, according to it's design.

So, why would there be an agenda to create synthetic, genetically modified life?

And how would that happen?

After assorted challenges yesterday, which totally alined with Gate 34:Line 3 - "Machismo; The indiscriminate display of power," I was happy to realize we have all the resources we need to address any malefic abuse of power for this agenda.

Which is what today's Line 4 is about; "Triumph: The freedom in absolute victory to unlimited use of power." Exaltation: A tendency in victory to restrain excessive power in favour of more subtle and covert styles. The inherent confidence to use power subtly.

As a human being, I access Source through my Divine Connection.

I don't need to display my power indiscriminately; I can identify what is not in alignment with Natural Law - and clear it.

I can make choices that guard against submission of my Sovereignty; I choose humanity, nature, love, light, truth & power.

Have you established that connection for yourself? Do you trust it? Do you feel when you are out of alignment?

It is aligning with and awakening our Divinity, which gives us access to 'Pure Unconditional Power'...that is true victory.

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