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TGI Friday, August 7th. Numerologically, a red day, biodynamically a leaf day, and for me - the day to have my car inspected! According to the sticker, it was due to be done in April...

What would I have done, if I hadn't had the sticker? How would I have known?

How do you determine it's time for remodeling?

How do you determine it's time for a new job?

How do you know when it's time for a make-over?

How do you know when a relationship has gone as far as it can go?

After removing the vinyl border in the bathroom and a little more priming, I headed out.

The road construction has moved to the next level in front of the house....

I wonder how they determine it's time to repair a stretch of road? How long is this repair supposed to last until the next time they repave them?

Since I had a few moments before and after my inspection (I do appreciate those young men at Vianor!) I stopped in Chester Hardware and the paint store in Springfield.

Aren't these fun colors?

So many choices...I love them all.

It may be time to revisit Feng Shui. I was very intentional about the paint choices I used last time I painted...and it's time for a change!

How about you?

When do you address things up in your life?

Are you more proactive - or reactive? Have you noticed little things that want to be addressed and complacently promised yourself you will revisit at a more convenient moment?

Do you jump right in?

If you are ready for making any type of major change in your life, this is the time. This Lion's Gate will support you with all of the energy from Lyra, Sirius, and the, go ahead. Uplevel!

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