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It's Monday again...May 11. And I woke up, bringing a memory of extreme abuse to my consciousness. Since I was still in a somewhat hypnogogic state, before I could even move into a state of judgement, disgust, or rejection, I wondered why I would choose to start my day with this image?

Reminder - if you ask a question, you will get the answer!

This was the insight: it is becoming increasingly important for us not to identify and condemn a person with and for their behaviors and actions.

Instead, we have to see through the behavior and action, which is simply a part they are playing. Does that make sense?

It's like understanding that an actor is playing a role...and we are judging them for the role they are playing - instead of acknowledging how well the actor is playing it.

Right now, it seems to me that a lot of the actors on this planet are asleep to the fact they are actors - and are convinced they are their role. They know their character's script by heart and are happy to play their role - or the role their character would play in any setting.

Here's the thing: a good actor can play any role. They can immerse themself in their character and then, play the opposite role.

Or - move to improv.

They are not tied to any particular script anymore, rather they have freedom of choice over any piece (theater or movie) that brings them joy. Or challenge. Or opportunity.

Which, when you are fully awake - is all the same thing!

I flashed on a conversation with my mother yesterday, realizing that she was very much in her script. With that awareness, it gave me an opportunity to practice my improv skills....with great tolerance, since I so dearly love this actress!!

So...which role are you choosing today? Can you recognize an old narrative that you are ready to release? Is there a new role for you that feels more joyful? Can you find more love and tolerance, when you recognize those actors, who identify with only one character or role?

Soon enough we will all exit stage left - and reconvene for the cast party!

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