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Summer Solstice

Happy Summer! Today, Saturday, June 20, marks the official beginning of this sunny season.

Do you celebrate it? How? I'm honored to be hosting Cortney's birthday here today!

Debbie and I created a beautiful, blossom-infused oil from the Mock Orange (Philidelphus lewisii), which assists in releasing emotional residue at a cellular level.

Debbie harvested a basket of the mock orange blossoms from the fragrant bush in front of the house.

The sun was out very early and it got hot fast!

At one point she mentioned that she felt she was healing judgement of hard work - such as 'picking a bale of cotton.'

(Me? At that point, I was cleaning out the composting toilet outhouse for the party - also symbolic, yes?)

Together we sorted the blossoms into jars...

...added a Tbs. of 40 proof alcohol per quart (to help draw out all constituents) and filled them up with some cold-pressed, extra-virgin olive oil.

As we worked, we discussed the ingredients in the creation of this oil: Solstice energy, our love and joy, the energy of the sun, and these lovely blossoms.

These will get a gentle shake every day or so for the next six weeks. Then I will carefully strain out the flowers through some cheesecloth.

What will this oil be used for?

Mock Orange Flower assists in energetically releasing habitual emotional patterns and aligning you with new healthier emotional states by energetically changing the communication between your nerves, cells, and biochemistry. Thus, you are able to rewrite cellular energetic patterning, aligning with new healthier emotional states.

It will be lovely in the wintertime to have a bit of sunny Summer Solstice energy to massage into cold feet and achy muscles.

And right now - make sure to go out and soak up some sun!

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