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State of the Union

It's Friday, February 26th; a '6' day, numerologically (what needs to be adjusted?) and a 'fruit' day, biodynamically. I'm happy to have woken to sun!

As I worked through various projects today, I was listening to the Health Ranger report.

I didn't listen to all of was on in the background, as I worked on cleaning and cooking.

He was wondering where the Presidential State of the Union Address was.

Of course it was a bit snarky - he is certain that the whole house of cards will come tumbling down shortly....

What house of cards?


Well, that depends on how far down the rabbit hole you've gone:

This is some of the clean-up that is happening on the 3D level, before we can move on, as a collective.

The pressure is becoming more intensified.

Are you feeling it?

Perhaps it's not from what's happening on the so-called political front...maybe it's familial?

All part of the energy of Gate 37 and both Lines we hit today:

"Line 3 - Evenhandedness The success of any group is dependent on maintaining order. Exaltation: The ability to judge what behaviour is appropriate and to react in a balanced manner to transgressions. The possibility to have the sensitivity to know what behaviour is appropriate in a relationship. Line 4 - Leadership by example Any member of the family may take on a leading role through exemplary behaviour. Exaltation: The manifestation of the highest principles in everyday and practical affairs. The possibility of the highest principles in all relationships resulting in a leadership role."

When we all step up, we won't expect any one person (especially an actor pretending to be a president) to tell us what 'The State of the Union' is...we'll all know it, because we're living it.

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