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It's Saturday, November 14th, and the end of a long day of Zooming.

It's also the day before the New Moon and "Gate 43:Line 5 - Progression Exaltation: The step by step adaptation to relationships which hinder breakthrough through practical actions which will not jeopardize eventual success. The gift of knowing when an unique insight can be shared with effectively with others."

As I sat in front of the screen, talking to the various members of my cohort and listening to our instructors, my eyes fell on the small Hindu Goddess of Learning, Sarasvathi.

This is a reminder of my trip to India...which was forever ago, now.

According to the Hindu Devotional Blog: Goddess Saraswati is the Hindu Goddess of Learning, Knowledge and Wisdom. The Sanskrit word ‘Sara’ means ‘essence’ and ‘Swa’ means ‘self’, thus Saraswathi means “the essence of the self”.

So, if knowledge is about 'the essence of the self,' are you still learning about who you are?

Is the learning that we are doing (in schools, colleges, 'educational' settings) supporting and honoring our understanding of who we are?

In a conversation with one of my colleagues, I found myself in tears, as she described the mask-wearing, social-distancing protocols prescribed for the new Kindergartners.

What are they 'learning'?

Later, we discussed the book:' The Opposable Mind,' by Roger Martin and I thought about how we can all agree in theory about divergent academic concepts.

Heaven forbid I mention politics or covid, though...people get bent!

So, what good are these fabulous theories really, if we cannot put them into practice in our lives?

Regardless, I'm holding faith that we are moving closer to waking up, as a collective...

Information is available. What's holding you back from researching what's really going on?

Maybe this will happen when we recognize the essence of our self?

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