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It's Tuesday, June 9th and the girls are coming over today, so we can study. I'm thrilled because this means I can make my favorite rhubarb dessert ....and not eat it all myself. Not. Even. Joking.

(Thank you, Susan M., for the original recipe -which I've adapted over the years!)

Do you like rhubarb? Do you have a favorite way to eat it? I'd love to hear....

I went out to harvest some. This sweet plant started out so small - and must have grown to accommodate demand!

As recommended, I pulled the stalks gently and directly from the base (to keep it from getting disease) and then cut the leaves to use as mulch around my squash plants.

Inside, as I prepared it, I listened to a terrific interview with Zach Bush, who has a vast amount of knowledge regarding health and wellness. Have you heard of him?

His insights and comparisons of the human microbiome, biodiversity, and soil were fascinating.

I created a large salad for lunch, featuring other garden ingredients and marveled at the colors and beauty.

Zach is right - nature does things right!

In moments of confusion, anxiety, and doubt we can pause to remember we are not separate from nature - we are inherently part of it. And every single, diverse one of us is needed.

The timer rang for the rhubarb, which smells heavenly.

This is my sons' favorite rhubarb recipe, too;

supposedly, the recipe makes 6-8 servings. They have always laughingly joked: serves- one.

I'm leaving it in the oven until the girls get here, so I'm not tempted to 'try it, to make sure it is okay.'

If you stop by within 24 hours, I might still have a bit to share! Unless, of course, it turns out to be a new favorite for the girls, too...?

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