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It's Monday, October 19th and I woke way too early with the fire alarm chirping: replace the batteries. This didn't register on my radar, until the solar panel display started beeping, too....

What the heck?!

What is the 'message' - or 'warning' when multiple alarms start going off? Fix things?

Stay inside? Go outside?

Be ready? For what??

This reminded me of the Q17 energy that set off my alarm in there more new energy to integrate?

Yes. Check this out! (Thanks, Cal!)

Things got further clarified, when I realized we had moved into Gene Key 50:

Cosmic Order: (Shadow) Corruption; (Gift) Equilibrium; (Siddhi) Harmony

In Human Design, Gate 50 is

"The Cauldron: Gate of Values Guarding and Maintaining the Tribe The value of historical continuity whose traditional values serve and enrich the present and future. Establishing the rules and laws of caring." Line 1 - The immigrant Humbleness of origin that benefits rather than restricts destiny. Exaltation: The desire to be effective and successful that builds on the most fundamental strengths while it refines its nature. The awareness that the growth and refinement of values will benefit destiny.

This 'cauldron' felt (and looked!) a lot like the 'Yin' card I pulled, with the feminine theme of receptivity, surrender, acceptance.

Sometimes you teach; sometimes you learn.

Sometimes you give; sometimes you receive.

It did not feel like an energizing work day-

it felt like a day to work on quiet things, which I did. Writing. Organizing.

I also listened to a news update that Janet sent and an interview Katya shared.

Now, as the sky is getting dark, I'm ready to get cozy. The fire alarm is repaired - whatever is next?

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