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Writing feels a bit unnatural, as it has been months since my last post. I've done a lot of traveling around New England, participating at expos in New York, New Hampshire, and Maine; co-hosting Grand Openings of Healing Centers; facilitating Geomancy (Earth healing), and continuing with Fun Fridays here At Dream Barn Hollow. Lots of ideas percolating and irons in the fire!

All that aside, there are some news and updates I need to share, and I trust that once I start typing, the words will flow...and it may be a long piece, so (as Manifestor Michele advises), 'pause and go get a cup of tea...'

It is Tuesday, November 8th...mid-morning. It is a '7' day, numerologically ('Look Within'), and Election Day here in the States - with a Full Lunar Eclipse/Blood moon.

We are also in the middle of Gene Key #1: From Entropy to Syntropy

(Shadow:Entropy; Gift: Freshness; Siddhi:Beauty)

Additionally, as Gate1in Human Design, it is " 'The Creative:' Gate of Self-Expression; Creativity Rooted in Unique Direction and line 4 - Aloneness as the medium of creativity. The tension of inner light. Exaltation: The Earth exalted as the symbol of personal perspective manifested outside of influence, where the potential magic of inspiration is diluted. Creativity that must develop outside of influence.

Detriment: Where the potential magic of inspiration is diluted. The need to influence that abandons aloneness and limits creativity."

So, I'm grateful to have this morning, uninterrupted, to reflect on the past few weeks. There have been several themes repeatedly showing up (for healing/clearing) since mid-October that seem Universal: exhaustion (breakdown), identity crisis, healing the Divine Masculine/Toxic Masculine/Divine Feminine/Toxic Feminine in every combination, issues around 'open source' and 'intellectual property'...and cancel culture. Heavy stuff, huh?

This is why I was looking forward to hosting a Fun Friday with An, to introduce her new book: The Code Journey for 2023. It was a lovely evening, warm enough to be sitting around the fire pit outside for a fabulous discussion, Q & A, and intention-setting. At one point, Human Design arose as part of the conversation, and someone asked An if she knew her design. No, she said; she was not familiar with Human Design at all.

The next morning, An and I were drinking tea, while she was autographing the remaining books (yes, I still have some for sale - they'd make great Christmas gifts!) and I got the hit to run her chart right then.

The next thought was a question: do I run the original birthdate/time of Jesse? Or the date/time of An, as her Walk-In? It was a valid consideration, to say the least.

So, I ran both. This is where things got interesting.

When I ran her birth chart, she showed up as a Generator; Right Angle Cross of Explanation with a 3/6 profile. Naturally, I was fascinated, as I had never seen a chart with every center defined!

To me, it showed Jesse coming in with full awareness of what needed to be transmitted:

Hers was the energy that was driven to provide explanation to the world. This Cross is not an easy task; trying to explain what you already know, as an individual knowing. As others try to understand, a need to say, ''I know because I know!'' More likely, an urge to continue sharing, being driven to get information across, and keep explaining. A mission to bring this individual thought to light, as what you are trying to explain can be a stroke of genius.

Then I entered the date of An, Jesse's Walk-In.

This confirmed her new Incarnation Cross: Left Angle Cross of the Plane.

This is about being an earthly guide, living life on the earthly plane; being here to teach and be an example that by aligning ourselves with our Human Design, we will get what we need. Not perhaps what our mind thinks we need, but what our body and soul need. Being here as a guardian of living successfully on the earth in this material world.

Notice that every single center in her chart went from being defined to open. You know what that means, right? These Types comprise only 1% of the population...the Reflectors.

Some of you have heard me expressing my longing to find a reflector, in alignment with all the values I hold dear. Seeing this felt like an answer to my prayers!

Additionally, a day later, An provided additional thoughts about themes we discussed that I felt pushed to define/explore further - and she agreed to allow me to share them here, for you to reflect upon:

This email arrived on 11.6.2022:

"OK - BIG clearing for you to clear from the collective? Or is this something I need to clear? Either way it MUST get cleared from the collective; and I was informed that you must know about this so that it can get cleared. It connects with the Divine Feminine. It has been strongly attacked, disabled, and nearly killed through jealousy. Women and "feminism" have been used to destroy the Divine Feminine presence in our world. "Black or Dark Magic" has been used to cause women to become jealous of other women and to covet what they have; body, mind, and spirit as well as what they are capable of doing in the physical world. Of course, they can never truly have what others have as long as they are in that space; because the women that are being "attacked" are standing in Divine Spirit and are meant to have a major impact on the world through shining God as the Divine Feminine presence.

I can see the pieces of this which I will be working on in my own life. Their movement and forward momentum are restricted, blocked, and damaged; as the "dark or destructive energy" twists and turns things to make those that are good look bad; and those that are bad look good. See how that parallel is playing out in our world here and now? Which leaders called for the attacks on people - Kamala Harris, Lori Lightfoot, Stacey Abrams, Hillary Clinton, Michelle/Michael Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Gretchen Whitmer, Janet Mills and others. The Divine Feminine must be seen as God and an expression of God; but it has been greatly distorted through movies such as "The Craft" (and the feminist movements) - which is a big theme that many are dressing by, which I saw when doing the expos and visiting shops. This misuses the power of the Divine Feminine and associates it with "devil/satan worship" and satanic cult practices. Another thing that has been arising around the country is the influence of the church of satan; pretending that it has been discriminated against and playing the victim, and accusing those of pure heart to be the perpetrators. See that parallel in all of the government structures and political placemats? Interesting that placemats is the word that needed to be used there. Look at how many so-called powerful women are claiming to be the victim, suppressed, etc. The abusers playing victim call others to block, restrict, remove, and hide those that they are victimizing; so that their victims or the light bearers or those speaking the truth cannot speak, be seen, or be heard - the 3 monkeys of hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil.

Grab your notebook - I am certain this is going to encourage many notes to be taken. This information came out as I was exploring what was connected to the restricted movement on the right side of my body - specifically the hip/leg/knee/foot region which is the pain/injury from the accident that Jesse was in the year that she moved to Maine and just 1 month after entering her "death" codes and breakthrough patterns - it was December 11th, 2017 for the accident. She departed September 19th, 2018 while still in those code patterns. I will be working on bringing God through the Divine Feminine in my own life; but this is also a major collective clearing that is needed. I am certain that it is connected to the lack of support and the blocking of those furthering Divine Presence from being in positions of power and being heard or seen in the world and reaching the masses. There are likely many other layers that this is connected to as well."

An shared further, in a follow-up email the next day on 11.7. 2022:

"I am not certain if any of this will make sense; or if it will come out more as just rambling thoughts so to say. What I got this morning, is that we are "off" with referring to things as Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine; and this terminology may be interfering with things. In codes Divine Feminine has brought together 2 aspects that are rooted in Divinity; but shifts them into victim/abuser patterns where people cannot think for themselves; and when combined with the Divine Masculine terminology creates stagnation and blocks and when misused takes advantage of those that are in hardships. The Divine Masculine, does tend to elevate the base masculine energy; but tends to leave it sitting in materialism instead of Spirit. It places it in a position of completion but uncertainty of what to do. So, it seems that this may not be the correct terminology for balance and harmony and action/creation.

In the bible, it was often referred to as man and man only. Originally, man was the representative of God and perfection. It was never meant or truly supposed to be a representation of sexual form. The term woman came in as a means to distinguish a specific type of man. Then these terms got "hijacked" and were used to create separation, division, arguments and polarities. Man was no longer a representative of attributes of God or perfection; but sexualized and polarized into something less than perfection, and convinced to misuse power for material gain and pleasure instead of using it to benefit all forms of life. Thus, the battle of the sexes arose over time.

When man and woman worked together honoring their true attributes and not as sexual identities the energy of woman was one that lead through working with others. It led others to perfection through unity and compassion; which created an ongoing cycle of learning and teaching. So, these terms worked as long as they weren't sexualized and debased from their actual attributes.

Intuition guides us to perfection through teaching and learning. Perfection happens when the male can be calm in turbulence (not reactive) and the female can be practical and responsible and is able to handle obligations and responsibilities on her own. When practical action is taken and we are responsible in turmoil, we set ourselves free from confinement and are able to love and appreciate what is authentic, simple, and in flow with nature. We live through exploration of what is needed, and clear out excess.

It is Divine Man (not attached to one's sex) that is given rulership over the Earth; and yet does not rule over others but helps them to be self-sufficient. Divine Woman (not attached to one's sex) is the essence of abundance and provides all that is needed and removes deprivation through doing what needs to be done, and bringing others together to share what they have an excess of; which then provides more than enough for all. When Divine Man and Divine Woman are in unity and work together, they become one; and this unfolds the presence of God through observing and not judging, through appreciation of each others attributes instead of being at battle with each other, through looking beyond material world constructs and thoughts.

It is through this that we unfold the term mankind which begins in nurturing and ends in "home"; and shows that mankind's purpose is to nurture this space as God's home.

The term human was again created to break us away from God. It was to pull us into earthly addictions through providing hardships that made us unhappy; and thus, give up our connection to God, integrity, and truth. It was designed to get us to turn our power (aka use God's power) over to material things that would control us. Thus came the birth of addictions.

So that shows that we must heal the separation and division that has happened between Divine Man and Divine Woman, so that we can generate God and thus "heaven on earth". To do this we must stop the competition between the sexes. To reunite is to choose to stop competing for material accolades. In doing so, we will realize how to unite which is done through a choice to remain committed to God. It is through that we can experience happiness and success. Now the distortion of this is to be androgynous; which we are seeing in today's society. When we become androgynous, we become lazy and procrastinators and are absent or separated from God due to feeling the heaviness in the world which leads us to abandon our true essence as man and collectively existing as mankind. Is it any wonder that all of the religious people are really triggered by this? We must remember that the Divine Man and The Divine Woman should be respected regardless of the form of the body; and ultimately both must be embraced through their attributes within our own self, and through others with appreciation. The body has been sexualized and is being used to divide us; when in reality it may or may not connect to the actual attributes that we are here to provide. When we are willing to let go of these divisive terms and embrace the attributes and thus our wholeness, we will allow God to thrive in all its beauty and wonder, blessing each and every one of us."

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