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Red Letter Day

It's Friday, October 9th, and what a fun day it was!

It started when I listened to the new Allison Coe podcast - on the need for more ritual and joy.

Breakfast was a number of delicious pears - (all harvested, ripening, and awaiting further processing plans....)

Do you like pears? This is the best time of year for them! So fresh and juicy.

Then I spent some time cleaning leaves and twigs under the grape arbor. I also packed up a number of summer things to make room for winter stuff.

Reading up on Human Design I found we are already on line 3 of Gate 57:

"The Gentle Gate of Intuitive Insight...

...Penetrate to the Core in the Now The extraordinary power of clarity. Like a chill breeze that can touch you to the bone. The maximization of intuitive clarity demands existential attention. Exaltation: The perfected intelligence, where clarity eliminates doubt and ensures manifestation. The possibility of perfected intuition. No polarity."

Did you tune in to your intuition today?

(Photo credit: Jessie)

I was so lucky to have some amazingly intuitive friends visit for the afternoon.

There was some individual exploration using divining rods, group discussions, stone balancing, some pinecone collecting, and fire-tending...

I saw with fresh eyes, as Jessie took and shared photos. Beautiful, huh?

There were moments of clarity when I felt the joy of being and learning happening in authentic ways.

(Photo credit: Jessie)

Towards the end of the visit, during the making of magical mementos, I realized how grateful I am to share this space, taking time to be fully present when opportunities like this organically arise.

When is the last time you allowed yourself

to really have fun?

To play and create?

To dream and imagine?

Maybe it's time for you to book a visit??

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