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Red Door

It's Monday, October 12th and I left for Vianor early to have the wheel bearings fixed. Turns out, that's not even what the problem was, so I rescheduled. On the way home, I picked up some ginger (thank you for that treasure hunt, Cortney!) and came home to find my door - red!!

It made me laugh a bit...I've been holding this vision for a while now, so to see it done was exciting!

As if to confirm the importance of recognizing this milestone, this was today's message from

"The Universe," (via Mike Dooley):

"I have to admit, Alice, when we thought of adding the dimension of "time" to space, it was not wildly popular.  True, it would make possible evolution, reunions, and cute before-and-after photos. But it would add to the illusion of separation... "horror of horrors!" Spontaneous manifestations would spontaneously cease... "eee-gad!" And the only way anyone could get anything done, would be if they held onto and moved with their vision in thought, word, and deed, even when present circumstances appeared ABSOLUTELY unchanged for their efforts... yeah, "SIGN ME UP!!!!" 

Thinking of you beaming with childlike joy - 

  The Universe...

PS: Time and Space, Alice, still the ultimate adventure."

So, while I spent the afternoon cutting back the herb garden, Dave and Kent were rapidly bringing the timeline of my vision into alignment with reality.

Here is the imaginary photo I had created on

September 8th ('before'):

...and here it is ('after'), today:

Different time of day, different lighting....and yet, when I look out from the barn, it's the same colors as I saw in my mind's eye.

(Yes, the trim still needs to be makes it look even more like my attempt, n'est-ce pas?)

What terrific validation that thoughts become reality, huh?

What are you ready to dream into existence?

Please, please, please - can we jointly hold a balance of LOVE, LIGHT, TRUTH & POWER?

With all of us working on 'seeing, visioning, living, holding' these ideas/frequencies/images/concepts - we might just align it into our reality faster than we dreamed possible!

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