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This morning, Saturday, May 9th, finds me getting things ready for Dan Churchill's workshop.

It's always a fun event and I am thrilled to have this opportunity to welcome him back - and introduce him to a group, who have not all had the opportunity to hear him before.

As I gather ingredients for soup and salad (yes, I am making soup - I had thought about a frittata, yet when I saw the snow (?!) this morning, I opted for soup, instead), I'm consciously aware of how much I question & contemplate with Inner Dialogue as I prepare:

Which salad bowl is best?

How many soup mugs will I need?

What ingredients can I forage to add to the soup?

Will it be better to keep this on a slow simmer on the woodstove - or put it in the slow cooker now?

What else will I need?

As I ask the questions, guidance comes through. I've done this for a while now, so it's almost second nature. Invariably, I still forget something....seems to be inevitable. I'm learning that is okay.

And I realize, too, that preparation for me, is a type of meditation. This seems to be the case, whether I am in the garden, the kitchen, the classroom...I find myself in this dance of preparation that allows me to connect with mySelf, in a way that reminds me this is bigger than me. Have you ever felt this, yourSelf?

When beginners first witness a Dowser/Diviner in action, they are frequently incredulous and when invited to try divining for themselves, they often have no luck. Sometimes, however, the presence of the Dowser/Diviner, or the act of placing their hands over those of the beginner, activates something...and the novice can begin to sense how divining feels for themselves.

If you are curious about this - let me know!

I have the impression that Dan activates something when he comes here...and I realize that, in a sense, we are always in this process. This moment I am spending in 'preparation' is going to pave the way for another round of questions. Questions that will be preparing the way for new insights and activations - for the next step. What are you preparing for today?

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