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When I awoke this morning, May 6, there was frost on the ground.

It was still early and so bright and I stepped outside to admire the nearly full, very beautiful moon - which, according to my dear friend Dan Churchill (among other sources) is a satellite.

That is another story....

Dan is amazing. He is both an engineer and physics instructor as well as a 3rd generation psychic and comes to give Past Life Readings here at dream Barn Hollow.

He'll be here this Saturday - I'm very excited! We still have room for 3 people, if you can make it!

One concept Dan shared is that everyone has a 'self-resonant frequency.' To explain this concept, he gave me the image of a wineglass; the sound that it would take (from an opera singer, for instance) to make it spontaneously burst - is the self-resonant frequency of the glass. do you recognize your own self-resonant frequency? Without shattering??

For me these days, it's about noticing what is showing up in my experience (and mental body) - and figuring how it relates to me; where I feel it in my emotional body and even physically - is a clue.

For instance, I was listening to the Edge of Wonder boys interviewing David Rodriguez last night. Have you heard them?

David shared (among other things) three of the same concepts that I feel had an impact on raising my self-resonant frequency:

1. A recognition that: 'hurt people hurt people.' Remembering that when people are being hurtful, it is because they, themselves, are hurting. Being hurtful back is not helpful. It just perpetuates the cycle.

2. The story of the 2 wolves. And the question of which one you feed. (Hello....?! I just shared that story a bit ago, here!)

3. To move out of depression, focus instead on how you can help someone else.

David's raw vulnerability and honesty are refreshing and validating for many folks who are just starting to waking up to finding out about hidden aspects of our society. The stories he shared 'resonated' with me - because these were (are) aspects of my experience, too. Maintaining (and even increasing) our self-resonant frequency will lift and inspire others.

What will resonate with you today?

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