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Happy Saturday, 7/11! How fun is this date?

And again - it started right off...

As I reviewed the human Design info (Left Angle Cross of Cycles) for today, we are at Line 6 - Phasing:'

Exaltation: The successful utilization of the completion of a stage in development, that by its evident success and value can be used as an example to attract support for the next stage. The energy to attract support for beginnings based on the success of the past.

Too perfect for today!! Why, you ask?

Remember this?

I shared a photo on June 24th, when I noticed her in my garden with her friends.

When I went back out on the 26th, most of the others were gone. Birds??

Now, with that narrative I was telling myself, it justifies my next steps: I picked some dill, put her in a mason jar, and brought her inside.

She seemed happy enough overnight.

The next morning, by the time I took the compost out and came back inside - she was gone... and not visible!

Yeah, who knew they can move so fast?

I warned her to be safe, even as I continued to look for her.

She ended up finding a happy spot on the back loop of the recycling container.

This suited me fine, as she was out of the way of any kind of accidental crushing.

(Sorry this photo is a bit blurry - apparently, the focus was working against the reflective background of the container.)

Curious, I did a little research as to what type of caterpillar this was - and what type of butterfly it would become.

Do you know?

I found out this was a Black Swallowtail caterpillar.

Apparently, its favorite host plants include dill, fennel, parsley, carrots, and celery.

And today she decided to emerge!

I'm telling you - Divine and Perfect Timing is always at play!

She fluttered in front of me, as I was making a potluck dish to share later...

And because I was right here in the kitchen, she didn't get lost in the curtains or...worse.

I was able to have her gently land on my finger.... I could take her outside and watch her fly off! (I'm grateful for the comparison photos, so I know this is a female!)

Pretty exquisite, huh?

You can imagine how honored I felt!

Butterfly's message?

Get ready for BIG change, one where an old habit, way of thinking, or lifestyle is going out, and a new way of being is emerging; it's time to make those changes you've been considering. (Farmer, 2006,p.53 - which is an '8'!)

So, it would appear that all systems are pointing to 'go.'

Are you noticing more synchronicities? Funny coincidences that confirm that the Universe loves you?

Keep your eyes open...they are all around!

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