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Party On...

It's Friday, April 16th. Numerologically, it's a '7' day (were you able to spend some alone time?) and biodynamically, it's still a 'root' period. This morning felt like another shifting moving timeline, as I woke to snow!

There are some signs that are super clear -even to me, so I called up to reschedule my appointment to have my snow tires switched over. All of the neglected cleaning, straightening, and organizing got finished instead.

Blessedly, this gave me a few hours of quiet today, which I spent contemplating the presentation I was giving this evening and having filmed for the ASD Convention (thank you, Chris!)

At one point, I nodded off...

Obviously, this Fun Friday gathering took place inside!

It was perfect, too, with a number of folks who are all open-minded and inquisitive; perfectly aligned with the energy of this new Gene Key 3: Through The Eyes of A Child.

(Shadow)Chaos – (Gift)Innovation – (Siddhi)Innocence

As we connected this evening, I thought about how much we learn from each other!

Richard Rudd shared this thought: "Change is all there is. However, it takes a childlike heart to embrace this perpetual change. To approach the highest states of consciousness you have to have the heart of a child. You have to be deadly earnest but you also have to be seriously playful. No matter what happens to us in our lives, no matter what our karma is, we never utterly lose the Innocence in our heart. No matter how deeply an individual may embrace evil or chaos, this pure inner being cannot be shaken off. It sits eternally within our core. It may be utterly obscured but if you can resonate the purity of your heart, you will be able to unlock it in another, no matter who they are" (the bold is mine).

I say, let's just keep partying on - right through the chaos! Are you in?

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