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Oh, deer...

It's Thursday, June 25th and a morning stroll through the gardens brought me a number of surprises.

Like this: Isn't that lovely? Positively luminous!

These sweet little roses are so fragrant. I'll harvest a few of the petals on the next flower day - for teas and infused oils.

Right now, though, I am simply grateful for their color! There are a number of them just starting to bloom.

And the lilies have opened, too. I saw a little crawdad and frog when I peered more closely. They were pretty camera shy.

This is easy to appreciate and love, yes?

And then I round some corners and see this:

Do you recognize it?

My sons taught me this song from their week at camp: It starts with an 'S' and it ends with a 'T'; it comes out of you and it comes out of me. I know, what you're thinking - but don't call it that!

...Let's be scientific and call it 'scat'.

Yes, it was a clue: the deer were back.

(The topless hostas were another clue!)

I had at one point purchased bobcat urine - it was supposed to scare them off.

Numerous other friends have provided advice: cayenne pepper, egg, a number of other deer-scaring tips.

Really, though - can I just decide that it's okay? Surrender to the fact that deer LOVE hostas?

Or maybe it's time to tune in again energetically and request that all critters respect some parameters? Just for now, I do know that it's not helpful for me to get upset or angry about it.

Nothing is worth losing ground on my happy emotional baseline!

Just another opportunity for practicing HeartMath skills to maintain coherence...and Unconditional Love.

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