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Man. Kind.

It's Monday, September 28th and I'm back to 'work.' (Someday, I trust this work will have as much value for others, as it does for me...!)

Today, as I painted, I listened to several, different, fabulous podcasts.

Bruce Lipton is a fascinating speaker!

Have you heard (of) him?

I love the way he, as a biologist, makes the connections between 'cell's and 'sel'fs.

His thoughts on evolution, too, are similar to my understanding of how we are moving beyond seeing ourselves working individually, to working collaboratively. We are consciousness recognizing itself as individuated beings.

When Brigham popped in to say hello before heading down to see Dr. Gary Lasneski, I paused painting to consciously contemplate the intuitive, energetic work that the girls and I had worked on yesterday. As a Left-Angle projector, Brigham often asks questions that allow me to bring new information...

I was able to understand more of how we are shifting energy up and down and front to back - with our bodies and through the earth with structures like the pyramids.

(Doesn't that look like the Templar cross?)

The way that we've been maintained at certain levels of awareness is changing; just like a pendulum swinging, sometimes there's a pause before it starts moving (and gaining momentum!) in the opposite direction.

Fall is the pause between summer and winter. Winter is the pause between fall and spring...

And things that have been 'unnatural' are unraveling.

What is natural?

Pure air. Organic food. Love of nature. Connecting with friends and family.

And being kind.

I do believe that we are designed to be loving to one another.

So, how can we bring more love and kindness? Love the unkind...

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