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Hidden Things

It's Monday, March 22, 2021...and Pluto is entering my 7th house - today!

This was the big note I had written in my datebook when Tony told me. When I wondered aloud what that meant exactly, he cryptically stated: "hidden things will be revealed."

Oooooh....that certainly goes along with the theme of 'Intrigue' this week, huh?

Today is also a '3' day, numerologically (go have some fun!), and another 'flower' day, biodynamically.

I headed out to Brattleboro; I had a shopping trip planned and had scheduled a visit with Emily before that. Apparently, this visit was the real reason! Sure enough: a LOT of information bubbled up to be shared!

Meet Emily. Another soul sister...

Over a cup of tea and yummy muffin, some interesting geomancy came up for discussion:

  • how to work with the Nymphs, Sylphs, Trolls, and Salamanders

  • where to place certain features on the property

  • tuning into the energy of the land and the responsible guardianship of it all

As we talked, sharing stories about how we ended up right here, right now, I realized that one of the 'hidden things' that is being unveiled is an even greater awareness of our connectivity and purpose...and the recognition that we will always be called on to bring up exactly what needs to be shared (informationally, energetically, etc.) when we allow ourselves to follow our impulses, aka Spirit Guidance.

When I left to go shopping, I found my fave grocery store under construction - ha!!!

I took it as a clue, headed home, and spent some lovely hours in the sun raking the small patch of lawn and garden that is snow-free. This is how I regroup! Barefoot in the dirt...

Gate 25:Line 5 - Recuperation When innocence is sapped of its vitality, healing is the first priority. Exaltation: The ability to recognize the inner meaning of an affliction and to withdraw until it is healed. The power of the spirit to heal and be healed.

How are you allowing your Spirit/your Self to recuperate and be healed?

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