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It's Wednesday, September 16th. Happy Birthday, Jenny!

Biodynamically, today is a fruit day and the word harvest is both a noun and a verb...

Have you been doing any harvesting?

Did you plant a garden - or containers?

Maybe, like me, you already had a number of perennials and fruit trees?

I'm grateful that my garden was as productive as it was this year...since I have been preoccupied with painting.

I feel like I had lots of help from all of the Elementals, though. (Love this yard art, Stacie... Thank you!!)

The weather is just right - sunny, not hot.

A little breeze and wispy clouds...

So, during a painting break (hitting the ceilings, literally) I went outside to see what was ready to be gathered, harvested, appreciated.

Aren't they lovely?

These are from seeds I had saved from last year - Lipstick Peppers. They are so flavorful and sweet; not hot at all. I will likely dehydrate some, as I love tomato & pepper soup in the winter.

And these lovely little Delicatas grew in spite of the fact that they were on the outskirts of the garden. (Somewhere I hope I still have the recipe for Seafood-Stuffed Delicata, that Susan created and shared. If not, I may improvise.)

As I wandered briefly through, somewhat aghast at how many weeds I have simply ignored, I noticed a small collection of pea sprouts growing in the asparagus patch.

Has this ever happened to you?

Random assistant gardeners? This was not the Elementals....

I'm really working on making peace with the chipmunks.

If I spend too much time thinking about everything else that's going on with the planet right now, it can get to be too much...

So, I'm just looking at the good things that grew from the seeds that I planted. Kinda karmic, huh?

What other (thought? action?) seeds might be good to grow...?

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