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It's Thursday, March 18th, 2021. Numerologically, it's an '8' day (get down to business!) and biodynamically, it's a 'root' day. Right now it's raining here, though it may turn to snow later.

We also moved into Gene Key 25: The Myth of the Sacred Wound

(Shadow) Constriction - (Gift) Acceptance - (Siddhi) Universal Love

Isn't it interesting to think about the word 'wound' ...and how it means two things?

Maybe we can begin to unwind the wound in our DNA that's gotten us all wound up in our human suffering?

Can we move beyond the repressive shadow: 'ignorance' and the reactive shadow: 'cold' and accept Universal Love? (p.199-201)

I had a lovely cup of tea with Celeste this morning, who brought me a head of garlic she had grown, which I exchanged for a fermented one (how fun is that Yin/Yang garlic?)

We talked about decluttering, planting things, and ...astrology.

She mentioned the amazing fact that ALL planets are direct at the moment AND the moon is waxing, which means this is the perfect time to go for a goal/project/desire.

This sounds really fortuitous, yes?

In Human Design, Gate 25 is: "Innocence (Gate of the Spirit of the Self; the Spiritual Warrior) The perfection of action through uncontrived and spontaneous nature. To love everything equally. Triumph and survival enrich the spirit and result in the wonder of being.

Line 1 - Selflessness Motiveless action. Exaltation: The universalization of activity. Psychic attunement that is its own reward. The potential for centering through attunement to challenges."

It's so key to stay centered, and attuned to one's own (psychic) guidance and passion right now,

what with the mundane local news and global chaos....

how are you maintaining that balance? Are you able to see your role in this whole exchange?

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