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Fall Equinox

It's Tuesday, September 22...Fall Equinox. As I read the paragraph in my calendar, I'm struck by this line: "We have some time to honor our responsibility to the cycle of life and to prepare our lives, both mundane and spiritual, for the cold, dark days to come." Barbara Moore

Whew, huh?

Some of the friends that I've spoken with over the last few days have admitted they are completely exhausted.

How about you?

Does this have to do with being 'serious' (Shadow of Gate 46)? Thank goodness for this reminder from Rumi...

Today's Human Design is Line 3 - Projection

Which is (either/both): "Exaltation: A practical approach to good fortune, that maintains the same patterns and attitudes that brought success and does not get sidetracked by indulging in further expectations. The determination to stay with what brings success." (Or/and): "Detriment: A tendency through projection to treat a potential future as the present, leading to unjustified egoism and the loss of momentum and support. The determination to treat a projected success as a reality."

Practical me spent this morning organizing canning supplies that have been ending up all over the kitchen.

Then: painting....

Later, I collaborated on a terrific resilience project (which is exciting to think, plan, and create!) and inspired laughter and hilarity.

Have you created a reason to laugh loudly (even - or especially - at yourself) lately?

It is SO therapeutic!

This evening, I spent some time creating a special cream for a friend with sore knees.

As I began, I found myself instinctively & intuitively reaching for the ingredients to make this personalized blend. Being my own best test subject, I tried some, myself...pretty amazing.

I'm really inspired to continue finding things to delight in daily: a good laugh, a successful creation, a full day that leads to solid sleep.

Are you maintaining your energy levels? Where are you drawing inspiration? How can you incorporate (embody) more (de-)light?

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