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Dream Seeding...

It's Saturday, March 27th. It was an '8' day today - a good day to 'take care of business;' a 'fruit' day this morning & a 'root' day this evening, biodynamically.

Even as I was getting ready for today's event, I took a moment to appreciate that the snow is, in fact, melting. Though this morning was pretty chilly, I had a chance to run through the garden with bare feet.

The energy here today started off like champagne bubbles - effervescent, light, and floaty. There was a component of excitement and I could feel the connection with family from the other side. This was very much confirmed with the song circle this evening when a childhood song came through...

'Fish and chips and vinegar, vinegar, vinegar;

Fish and chips and vinegar; pepper, pepper, pepper, pot.

Don't put your muck in my dustbin, my dustbin, my dustbin;

Don't put your muck in my dustbin - my dustbins full.'

It's a round. I must have learned it at age 5!

I could feel my Welsh grandmother enjoying the harmony, hearing it sung, having taught it to me eons ago...

So, between the amazing people who are showing up and co-envisioning next steps for this 'X-Men meets Hogwarts School,' the happy little seedlings sprouting, and the singing circle this evening - I feel joyful, exhausted, satisfied, and grateful.

(Could it also be that Evergreen disclosure is imminent?)

Again: all perfect energy for Gate 17: "The ancient law that those who wish to rule must know how to serve. Organizing the formula for expression. Visually fixed on the pattern and projecting it into the future.

Line 4 - The personnel manager Exaltation: The ability to probe and discover the underlying motivation and resources of those who wish to follow. The possibility of opinions based on the understanding of others."

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