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Don't Know+Don't Know

It's Tuesday, June 23rd and I found myself answering phone calls this morning: one right after another with barely a minute in between. Not in an overwhelming way - rather, a flow: I would have been hard-pressed to schedule them so perfectly! Do you know what I mean?

So I focused in amazement (again) at what happens when I allow myself to get out of my own way of deciding how things 'should' be. Because, as I had a chance to review with my colleagues today, look at where the 'Transformational Change' that scary place of 'don't know/don't know.'

(Carter, John D. & Gestalt OSD Center. (2019). Making a difference with your presence: Use of self and self-mastery (First ed.). Aitkin, MN: River Place Press. p.75)

This weekend seemed like that for a lot of folks...there were a number of macrocosmic energetic shifts that rocked folks at a microcosmic level. Were you feeling it? This was the theme for folks calling to check in...

And we all love to know what's going on, right? It feels uncomfortable - even downright scary - to 'not know.'

Interestingly, this is the greatest work: facing fear. Our FEAR of fear is what keeps us repeating the same cycles over and over...just to stay out of the discomfort of 'not knowing.'

Once we're willing to bring this fear to light (or our light to illuminate this fear) everything changes!

We wake up, see what's happening: what collective shadow is being brought to light.

Rupert Sheldrake (whom I encountered at a lecture in London - I am a HUGE fan!) explains the concept of morphic resonance.

The phenomenon of the 100th Monkey, which was noticed in 1952 explains how we all live within and contribute to the morphogenetic field.

Facing our individual fears and showing up with curiosity/vulnerability in that place of 'not knowing', means we are expanding

consciousness for the collective.

What will it look like to hit critical mass as a human collective...inventing the future together?

What might it look like if everyone welcomed a new paradigm?

Can you imagine working in a fluid, harmonious way with other people, who are okay with being just as 'not knowing' - and yet, trusting - as you?

What other Questions are out there...?

(Look, Sue...I found that image!)

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