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It's Tuesday, May 4th. It's a '5' day, numerologically (were you able to feel some freedom and change in the air?) and a 'root' day biodynamically, until 2:00. Now we've moved into 'flower,' until Thursday at 2:00.

Because of the date today, I have to say: May the 4th be with you...

At this point, many folks realize Star Wars held elements of truth.

And that, in turn, leads me to ask:

Have you seen any other good documentaries lately?

One of my favorite (scary) ones is 'The Devil's Advocate' with Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves.

Or how about Jupiter Ascending? Of course, there's The Matrix and I am Legend.

Did you ever see Children of Men? Addressing lost hope as a result of women not being able to have babies?

I was fascinated to hear that there are issues now around this injection that are cause for such concern; spontaneous miscarriages just by being in the same space as a vaccinated person, who is breathing out newly created 'spiked proteins'...

I do wish it were all fictional.

That said, I've done my homework, faced the horrors, and spoken out against censorship.

There are days that feel so heavy I want to roll over and hide under my pillow (...especially when I wake hearing the sound of rain on the greenhouse roof).

So, I get up and dressed, get outside in the garden, and do what I can to stay grounded.

I look for beauty in nature and feel gratitude for mushrooms from friends

(Thanks, you lovelies!)

And so we arrive at "Gate 2: Line 2 - Genius Unconscious and unlearnable alignment of stimulus and response. The natural. Exaltation: The inner strength to focus and realize. A natural gift for unlearnable knowing."

We each have our own genius; part of mine includes seeing, feeling, and knowing truth - even disguised as fiction.

Are you finding your genius?

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