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Do. Not. Follow

It's Thursday, June 24th. It's an '8' day, numerologically (did you help someone less fortunate? Did you receive unexpected money?) and a 'fruit' day from about 9:00am EST.

About this time is when I headed up to Bridgewater - stopped at one point behind this truck.

Isn't this a sign from the Universe? Again?!

Maybe something like:

If life is under construction - do not follow; be the creator, the leader of your own experience.

Recognize that you are responsible for building your reality, your life.

Yes, I do acknowledge I create my experience, and as such, a good opportunity to reflect on the request to assemble an industrial sink faucet, presented upon my arrival...

And later - the whole sink!

No man is an island, and conversation flowed like the river, until it was time for me to

return home.

I was pleased to get the lawn mowed and weed-whacked, before dark.

This is the final day of Gate 15: Line 6, where "Thinking before speaking is key."

Line 6 - Self-defense

Modesty that is never confused with weakness.

Exaltation: Constant reexamination to weed out the weakest aspect. The power of the Self in exploring the extremes to find the weakest point."

I did some clearing this evening, being that tonight is also the Full Moon; the 'Strong Sun Moon'

Lena did a fabulous job identifying some: "distractions of drama and ego-driven negative behaviors in yourself and in others...."

What news am I hearing?

The John McAfee 'suicide' , the Miami sinkhole (false flag), treason...

Needless to say, I am grateful for all reflections that allow me to see my weakest points!

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