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It's Sunday, October 11th and I woke up feeling particularly internally spacious.

Did you feel any of that today, too?

The weather was glorious and I was happy to get started on a delicious plant-based corn chowder for after the Clearing Circle at 3:00 pm.

Then, I headed outside and began clearing out some of the flower beds. How fun was it to find a few little remaining Goji berries...

Have you ever eaten them fresh?

They have a tanginess that disappears when they are dried. Somehow, a few were high enough and hidden from the overactive squirrel and chipmunk populations.

Another example of nature surprising me in a joyful way!

As I worked, I noticed the light playing between the trees and was grateful for the beauty that sustains me here.

When folks began arriving, I collected my notebook and we discussed some of the themes to be cleared:

  • Paranoia/Hysteria

  • Inability to connect with Spiritual Guidance

  • Survivor guilt

  • Lack of respect around privacy

  • Worry about being misunderstood

  • Judging/Misjudging

  • Divisiveness

  • Labeling/Mislabeling; Masking/Unmasking

  • Inability to prioritize values

  • Inability to allow processing at different speeds

  • Spiritual malaise

  • Inability to embody the Golden Rule

Do any of these resonate with you?

It was a good group; we all felt very supported by a host of Divine Assistants and Ancestors!

As we finished, the wind picked up and I realized the clouds were reflecting some of the amazing changes we all felt.

I realized this clearing was perfectly aligned with today's Gate 57, Line 5: Progression

Exaltation: The natural ability to establish new forms while maintaining the powers of reevaluation and reexamination. This provides the clarity to examine the data and assess the process. The possible intuitive gift for evaluation.

So, as we move into next week, I wonder if this spaciousness will last...

Will I be able to hold onto the expansiveness of today?

How about you? It does seem like a good goal, yes?

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