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Busyness As Usual?

It's Tuesday, March 2nd.

The wind was howling all last night - and the power flickered on and off more than once!

It's a '1' day, numerologically (beginnings, etc.) and a 'root' day, biodynamically, and from the moment I got up this morning, the theme has been: go, go, go!

Right into Gate 63:Line 2: "After Completion; Gate of Doubt; Doubt is an Essential Inspiration

In the spiral of life, all ends are beginnings. The future is dependent upon establishing with certainty the validity of a pattern. The fuel is to question.

Line 2 - Structuring Exaltation: The establishing of a large framework through which achievement can be expanded and shared; compensating others for their contributions while maintaining control of direction. The pressure to share one's doubts with others while still maintaining control."

I'm so grateful to have had several years to adjust to trusting the universal flow that propels my actions, which results from the constant questioning/responding that I have learned to incorporate into my life, as a Diviner.

I'm always excited to share resources and tools with when Ross Newkirk reached out to let me know about his beautiful dowsing rods, I was thrilled when he told me he would give any of my friends free shipping with the promo code' Alice.'

Ross and his father are the creators/inventors of the Lightfield Foundation and the Core Harmonizer.

They know the benefit of working with crystals, frequency, and light.... (even though he passed in 2019, Marc showed up here to share some fascinating insights).

As I buzzed around here today, in a constant state of accomplishment and flow, I felt a moment of doubt: When life is this fun, is it really business? Busyness? Or is it recreation?

How about you? Are things flowing? Are you ready to incorporate more tools to assist in answers to your inquiry? Can you hold doubt, while simultaneously trusting there is a new way of allowing answers to emerge?

This is a great Gate to work on refining your questions....and then start seeing the structure & patterns.

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