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Boxing Day

It's Saturday, December 26th - the day after Christmas. In the UK, it's referred to as 'Boxing Day' and there are several different speculations, as to why it might be referred to, as such. Back in the day, this would have been the day for wealthier families to give gifts (boxes) to their help and the less fortunate. Nowadays, it's the shoppingest day of the year, after Black Friday.

What do you think?

Were you out shopping today? Exchanging (unwanted) gifts? Capturing some really good post - Christmas deals?

Interestingly, in Human Design, today's Gate 58: Line 2 only has a detriment - Perversion. "A genius for perverse stimulation that afflicts oneself and others by promoting degeneracy and reducing joy to indulgence and decadence. The energy which fuels the drive for perverse stimulation."

This might apply to excessive shopping, huh?

We could instead focus on the fact that it is numerologically a '6' day; the theme being 'Adjustment Time.' A day favoring group work and/or entertaining at home.

Maybe you were picking up on that vibe?

I'm grateful to be home, actually......taking a winter walk around the gardens.

The rains yesterday melted a lot of the snow - Melanie referred to the weather as 'soupy.'

Soup sounds perfect for supper...

...and just like that, I'm off.

Focused on something else!

Whatever you are engaged in, I do suggest taking a few moments to start thinking about what would bring you joy in 2021.

Dream big!

Tap into expansive, exuberant energy and imagine living in alignment with the dreams your soul has for the Highest Expression of yourSelf.

This will magnetize the people and resources for co-creative experiences of the win/win variety!

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