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It is Monday, March 30th, 2020! Amazing to think we are nearly through the first quarter of the year...

And maybe, it's the perfect day for a little thought experiment. Like the Schroedinger's Cat experiment - are you familiar with that?

(It's a quantum physics paradox. The cat is both dead and alive simultaneously - until we open the box with an expectation, and see that which we are expecting)

Go ahead and google it...I'll wait.

Okay. Now you're back! Our thought experiment today is around autonomy, which according to Merriam Webster has 3 definitions, the first two being: 1. the quality or state of being self-governing; 2. self-directing freedom and especially moral independence

Let's imagine you (and everyone on the planet) are independently wealthy: no mortgages, no student loans, no credit card debt, etc. You are free to spend your time doing whatever you like. What would you see yourself doing? How would you be spending your days? Who are the people you would be hanging out with? What drives your choices? Have any priorities changed?

It's a blank canvas for you and your imagination to create a vision of what you would love to do, be and have. What feels meaningful and fulfilling as a 'soul urge'?

Can you see where I'm going with this? This is the time (cocooned in solitude) for us to tune into a possibility that feels exciting, enlightening, and empowering. And each decision/choice/opportunity we imagine will either make us feel more alive - or a little bit drained.

Each time you spend energy feeling into the imaginings that make you feel alive, you are aligning with a harmonious collective vision for yourself and the planet. Let's anchor that, shall we?

Because why would we ever expect to see the cat anything but alive?!

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