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It's Tuesday, February 23rd. It's a '3' day, numerologically (fun and social!) and a flower day, biodynamically. I thought I had a little time to sit quietly and integrate some insights this morning when I heard the snowplow...

I quickly whipped on my snowpants and coat and raced out to get some of the smaller paths shoveled into his larger plow path.

He apologized for not coming out last night (not to worry - I was going nowhere) and mentioned that he had attempted to shovel out my mailbox - to no avail.

I told him I had received notice from my mail carrier that they would be holding my mail, anyway.

All shoveling was done -before 7:00 am!

Impressive, huh?

Not long afterwards, I received his call to let me know an excavator was up the road; he suggested I ask if he would be willing to dig out the mailboxes.

Grabbing some chocolate, I passed the telephone company with their many new poles,heading up to talk to the excavator driver.

Don't you love it when the Universe lines up little miracles?

Today we end this Gate 55, and today's Line 6:Selfishness "Exaltation: Acquisition obsession that though alienating, is still indirectly beneficial materially to others. The possibility of finding the spirit through materialism."

Certainly my appreciation of chocolate would fit in this category - and how it can be used to inspire assistance!

Getting back, I got motivated to knock some of the icicles off the back roof. This one was so impressive, I had to share...

It's like a stalactite that became a stalagmite.

What a metaphor, huh?

Have appreciation for things that connect from the top down - and also reach from the bottom up.

Because spirit inhabits this material world and it's our experience of this dense material world that is allowing our spiritual growth.

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