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Alice Days

Who knew? May 4th?! I always just laughed at the phrase 'May the 4th be with you'....

Really, there are more strange things happening now than ever. Perhaps you've noticed?

One thing that was particularly funny was waking up on Monday to find an email from someone who truly thought they had already emailed....

I looked at my calendar and saw that I had the same people scheduled on two separate dates - and another friend emailed to reschedule, as she had double-booked.

Additionally, keys went missing, my car seemed to be leaking some type of important fluid (power steering fluid? That's kinda important, turns out...)

So - are we navigating timeline-merges again? Who knows. I've still got an auto-reply up for my email - just in case.

It certainly feels like a week has passed since I last wrote!

What fun has been happening here?

Let's see....

More conversations on time travel (part of the engaging conversation during Trent's workshop on Saturday), a lovely visit with the girls (loved seeing you, Linda & Meg!);

all of the typical beginning of the month stuff, and ...oh! and another trip to Saratoga Springs to pick up the new healing tool for Dream Barn Hollow: a PEMF (Pulsed Electro-magnetic Frequency) QRS mat (thank you, Elka & Kasmir, for helping make it happen!!)

Also, the first harvest of nettles, the winter- to -summer tires changeover, and a lovely gathering of amazing people at a potluck in Walpole. The additional bonus?

A visit to their Farm Store (thank you for the tour, Ozzie!)

Since this morning was still a 'Root' day, biodynamically, I was pleased to get potatoes and onions planted, in between these wet weather moments. And though there are a few interesting things that have been shared (like this and this), I've been reveling in this Gene Key 2 - Returning to the One: (Shadow)Dislocation – (Gift)Orientation – (Siddhi)Unity.

After all, today's line 2 of this Gate is: "Genius Unconscious and unlearnable alignment of stimulus and response. The natural. Exaltation: The inner strength to focus and realize. A natural gift for unlearnable knowing. Detriment: Genius as madness. Knowledge exclusively as power for the enhancement of the ego. The delusion that knowledge is power."

It all seems apropos for this mad tea party, hmm???

Speaking of which:

Starting this Friday, FUN FRIDAYS will take place on the FIRST and the THIRD Friday of each month starting at please hold the dates!

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