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What a way to wake up: to the knowing that this day offers a unique blessing simply with its numerical energies: the 4th day of the 4th month in a year that adds up to 4!

This, of course, adds up to 3, which I love to imagine as a Holy Trinity being activated within each of us. The Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine and the Holy Union of Both.

Have you heard? Numerous groups around the planet are planning and coordinating meditations today.

Do you meditate? My meditations have usually been moving meditations. Like working in the garden. Or taking a walk. Or dancing. More than anything, it is about connecting from your heart to Your Highest Self. Source. Unconditional Love. Creator. God.

It can happen anytime, really. Here's a photo from a few years ago, when I was hanging out the laundry

I remember being slightly embarrassed at the time - who wants to have their picture taken in the middle of doing chores?!

I've since been grateful to understand and embody this: I AM the light.

Amy Steinberg spreads this truth with her song lyrics (I love all of them and usually sing along loudly when no one else is around!).

Here you go:

"my eyes are wide and open, my eyes can see, my mind is filled with knowing, my mind believes. i am awake. i am awake. once you know where your freedom lies, you can't go back and close your eyes, the truth it cannot be denied. you are the light, you are the light, you are the light. my heart is clear and growing, my heart can see, my soul is full of knowing, my soul believes. i am awake, i am awake!"

So sing along! Dance! Walk! Meditate! Find something that feeds your soul...lighten up!

After all: YOU are the Light!

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