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3. Advent

It's Sunday, December 13th; the 3rd Advent. An '11' day, which is a Master Number, and according to Louise Hay, is about following your Inner Star. A day of strong intuition with spiritual vibrations.

It's also "Gate 26: Line 6 - Authority The natural attainment of influence justified by the correctness of actions. Exaltation: The embodiment of reason and purpose that passes the test of time. The strong ego whose influence is justified by the correctness of its actions."

All fascinating, considering the opening of the 12.12 portal yesterday (which stretches to 12.21) and the penultimate day before the Solar Eclipse tomorrow, at 11:17 am.

So how are you handling all of these energies? Do you prefer to have a sense of what's happening - or just 'go with the flow'?

For me, the energy came in strong and intensely last night, around 9:30, when I finished journaling and was drifting off to sleep. It surged through my heart and jolted me upright. Whew!

The same type of energetic jolt woke me at 2:00 am- again with the same intensity.

Have you had this type of experience, yet?

It's a lot to integrate!

I read for a bit, drank some water (with Cell Salts), and managed to drift back to sleep, waking refreshed this morning.

I felt amazingly calm, peaceful, and grounded and allowed myself to revel in those feelings.

As I listened to Magenta Pixie's latest channeling, I realized she brought together the same imagery and colors that have been showing up for me: the Violet Flame of St. Germain, an almost Neon Teal Blue, and the

Vesica Pisces.

How powerful to then find and listen to Justin Hayward (of The Moody Blues) about his song 'Question,' and hear the story of how two songs became one at 2:00 am...back in 1970. (Same colors in the background!!)

To me, this felt like a message from my father, who, like Justin, is born on October 14th.

"And when you stop and think about it

You won't believe it's true.

That all the love you've been giving

Has all been meant for you."

Profoundly encouraged, I read Cal's weekly update. What powerful insights she shares!!

I'm so grateful for all of the ongoing messages of love and support from this world - and beyond - and look forward to seeing what comes next in this great adventure...

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